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Financial Independence Calculator⛳️

The essential conditions for financial independence (early retirement, FIRE) are maximization of cash flow from asset investment and minimization of expenditure. The Financial Independence Calculator calculates an early retirement model in which a certain amount of money is collected and then spent in retirement. When you invest a certain amount of money each month, it calculates the time it takes to save target amount of savings, and calculates how many years in total you can live without additional income if you spend it.

Current Investment USD
Target Earning Rate %
Monthly Investment USD
Target Balance USD
Monthly Cost USD

Financial independence in: 0 Year(s)
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Year(s) without additional income: 0 Year(s)

- The calculator assumes that the earnings are all reinvested.
- The calculator does not take the inflation into account. To take the inflation into account, add Inflation Rate to the Target Earning Rate.
- The input and output data will not be saved in the server.